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July 13, 2016

Simple but efficient hulls

Here is a screenshot and a link to a post titled Mass Canoe building at Gary Dierking's excellent blog Outrigger Sailing Canoes.  It's about boat re-building in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda:


It's a worthy project and article - please read.  I post the photos here just to present the simple but efficient kind of hull that can be built in a "quick and dirty" fashion.  Resourceful, inexpensive, and working with materials on hand - all the way of sustainability and the way we must go, as I understand it.  We must work (gratefully) with what we've been given...

(The hull itself bears quite a resemblance my own old Voyager hull which, incidentally,  sailed to windward respectably on it's hard chine.)

Thanks, Gary!  For the info and for your excellent blog:  Outrigger Sailing Canoes