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Sam Low's "The Navigators - Pathfinders of the Pacific"


My earliest and best ever film resource!

The Navigators is a Sam Low film.  His site here:

There's a lot at that site.  Take some time to investigate it all.  Here's a clip of a review from the Honolulu Advertiser: "The film presents fascinating theories about the origins of the Polynesian people weaving a thread between Satawal (a coral atoll in Micronesia), where the secrets of navigation still live; to Viti Levu in Fiji, where distinctive Lapita pottery has been discovered; to Huahine in the Society Islands where an 1,100 year old voyaging canoe has been unearthed; to the valleys and caves of Hawaii." "It will open a virtually unknown world to many "continental peoples," as Mainlanders are sometimes called, and help engender a new respect for an Oceanic tradition that still struggles to live on. And it should instill a justifiable pride in all those of pacific heritage whose ancestors accomplished some of the greatest feats of seafaring in history."

And there's more about this film on the next blog page about Mau Piailug.

Launching closeup
The lead up to this canoe launch is at 9m50s into the film.  Enjoy!