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Coincidence, Derivation or Convergent Evolution?

My title for this page is joking, of course, but I do think it a bit striking that the 3 pictures below are so similar!  Don't know the source of the first drawing.  The second is from a book, Return to the Islands.  The third is an old photo.  

An Aldo Cherini drawing?

Don't know where the above is from.
From Chapter 3 of Return to the Islands
Return to the Islands, by Sir Arthur Grimble:

From an old National Geographic

The photo above is, I believe, a photocopy I made from an old National Geographic magazine - I wish I could remember what island it's from!

For reference only - a canoe from Kiribati

I will say this, however, regarding derivation.  IMHO derivation takes place all the time in all manner of art and science.  From yacht design, to cooking, to learning by imitation.  It's more a matter of development... 

One must, of course, give credit where credit is due...