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A sharp hull  11/20/15

Adzes and Mau   9/12/12
Amatazi 27, by James Warram  1/5/11
Atoll Memory, video of Ant Atoll  11/2/15

Baltic Proa Conference, 2015  6/13/16
Bayou Nick  4/29/16
Big Sailing Canoes in Micronesia  9/17/15

Canoe pics from Ifalik and Puluwat  7/26/13
Canoe pics from Bikini and Enewetak  1/6/12
Canoes of the Kiribati Islands  10/30/15
Caroline Islands canoes, from NZETC   6/5/12 
Carolinian canoes on a documented voyager  7/19/11
Carolinian proa on a Saipan beach  8/16/12
Carolinian Voyaging in the New Millenium, Eric Metzgar  8/4/11 
Carving the hull  11/21/15
Charts & maps, Caroline Islands  8/13/15
Children in a child sized Ifalik canoe  7/14/15
Contemporary proas  3/8/12

East is Not A Big Bird  3/25/16

Enewetak Walap  10/21/15
Endless barrels (tubes!)  12/14/15
Evolution of Pacific Culture  11/18/15

Fishing off Ulal  6/24/16

Ghosting on the lake  3/11/16 
Go-Pro and Endless Barrels!  12/14/15
Habele - the Outer Islands  8/13/15,  6/26/15

Herb Kane's excellent illustrations for National Geographic  9/29/15
Historic photos of canoes  8/9/16
Historic photos, great site of Marshall Islands views   1/11/12 
Hokule'a's worldwide voyage  8/7/10

Internet Resources  3/18/16

Jack Tobin Collection of Historical Pics  11/5/15
Jane Resture's Micronesia and Oceania sites  10/30/15
Juxtaposition of old and new  11/13/15

Ku Holo Mau, the 2007 voyage to Satawal  11/25/15
Lashing with Sennit  11/17/13

Lashing, closeup view  7/24/11 
Literature, Canoes of the Grand Ocean  12/22/10
Literature, Iconography... the Crab-Claw sails in Oceania  8/21/12
Literature, Return to the Islands, by Arthur Grimble  11/12/15

Magic and Mystery in Micronesia, a Cruising World article  7/5/15

Majuro Island in the Marshalls, a panoramic view  8/19/10 
Making rope in the Canoe House  6/3/16
Map (interactive) of Caroline Islands  8/1/15
Map of Micronesia  9/29/15
Map of Micronesia, by National Geographic  10/31/11 
Map of the Federated States of Micronesia  1/2/11
Mass Boat building in the Philippines  7/13/16
Mau and canoe model at the Bishop Museum  6/12/08
Mau article at Wikipedia  7/17/12
Mau speaking, video  11/24/13
Mau's restored canoe on Hawaii  5/30/12 
Mbuli, by John Harris  11/18/10
Miscellaneous Satawal photos  3/1/15
Mokil and seafaring  10/29/15

Never Lost, at the Exploratorium  8/12/15

New Tack - It works!  The declaration.  12/13/15
New Tack - the new rig approach  8/31/15
New Tack - more on the new tack  9/5/15
New Tack - Video and Definitive Post!  11/8/16
Nuclear Diaspora, Bikini and Enewetak 1/6/12

On lashing and caulking  6/6/12 

Our Blue Canoe, at pacificvoyagers.org  9/15/12, 5/31/12, 3/8/12

Pacific Islander blog  10/20/10

Pacific seacraft drawings  9/29/16
Pacific Studies  4/14/09
Papa Mau, The Wayfinder, a video  7/18/12
Planing by proa (Commodore Munroe's account)  8/9/16
Plank lashing, Samoan style  11/10/13
Puluwat lagoon, a beautiful view  8/2/11
Puluwat, contemporary photos  7/17/15
Puluwat, satellite view  1/11/12

Russ Brown, Jzerro, and Cimba  11/18/10
Russ Brown, sailing the original Jzero in 1978 - 11/17/10
Russell Brown interview  11/15/10
Sail-shaped buildings!  1/3/16

Sail specs (tack angle) on Carolinian sails  10/20/15
Samoan Bonito canoe info  9/12/12 
Satawal, an interactive satellite view  12/10/10
Satawal, as sketched on a Japanese chart of 1925 - 6/19/12
Satawal canoe building photos by Steve Thomas  8/11/09
Sennit, Google search results  9/12/12
Sennit, braided and laid  9/12/12
Simple but efficient hulls  7/13/16
Stamps and Scenes  3/11/16
Stamps from the Marshall Islands  10/21/15
Star-Rigging, Goodbye Star-Rigging  8/29/15
Star-Rigging, earlier posts  10/25/10, 10/26/10, 10/27/10
Star-Rigging, the prototype 6' model  10/13/10 
Storm Tactics on Wharram Catamarans  11/17/15 

Te Matau a Māui, a voyaging waka, story about  9/15/12 

The Teachings of Don Redondo, A Surfer's Way of Knowledge   11/16/15
Traditional Micronesian Navigation Collection, photos from  4/4/10
Traditional proa links  10/29/10
Travels of Alingano Maisu, article from Outside magazine  11/21/11
Triton films  12/29/12

Video, Atoll Memory, of Ant Atoll  11/2/15

Video, Big Sailing Canoes in Micronesia, video  9/17/15
Video, Endless barrels (tubes!)  12/14/15
Video, Glimpses of Ailuk Atoll, Parts 1 & 2   9/17/15
Video, Mau speaking  11/24/1
Video, Tahiti barrels by GoPro  11/12/16
Video, The New Tack!  11/8/16
Video, Triton Films  12/29/12
Voyaging photos from Eric Metzgar of Triton Films   9/24/12

Waa'gey organization  7/17/15

Waan Aelon in Majel (WAM) Canoes of the Marshall Islands  11/12/15
Windyty - A great wind app!  10/30/15

Yap district and link to Ulithi site  4/31/09