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Rachel Miller's "Wa Kuk Wa Jimor - Marshallese Canoes Today"

A new page here in praise of Rachel Miller's
excellent film and thesis
Wa Kuk Wa Jimor - Marshallese Canoes Today.

The title screenshot

Young WAM canoebuilders sail the canoe they built as representatives
of the Marshall Islands at the 2005 Festival of Canoes on Maui.
Photo credit Waan Aelōñ in Majel

The link is here:

And just a few excerpts, hopefully not enough to cause a copyright infringement, from the film footer and from her thesis.  Thank you Rachel for this excellent work!!!

The film description found at Vimeo:

"The canoe tradition is one of the foundations of Marshallese culture. In the past it was the key to survival in the Marshall Islands, and it continues to embody many of the key values and practices of traditional Marshallese culture. "Wa Kuk Wa Jimor - Marshallese Canoes Today" (55 min, 2011), by Rachel Miller, introduces the tradition of the Marshallese canoe—including the history, types, and technological innovations of the canoe—and the complex connection between the canoe and Marshallese culture. It looks at the state of the canoe tradition in three locations in the Marshalls and explores the future of the canoe tradition. The film features interviews with elders and experts from the Marshall Islands, and is in both English and Marshallese. "Wa Kuk Wa Jimor - Marshallese Canoes Today" was funded in part by the Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities (HCH)."

Her thesis in the form of a PDF is found here:
Please read - it is a joy!

A great video on modern Marshallese culture as well.  Check out the cute kids doing a dance about building a canoe at 38:50 into it: